Support for learningGillian Orr is a Principal Teacher for Support for Learning in Stirling Council. In August the network was disbanded and Support for Learning teachers were allocated to specific schools. In order to provide consistency of the service within schools throughout the authority, Gillian is using Glow to communicate with Support for Learning teachers and to store important documentation and resources as well as provide CPD and support.


Gillian Orr has developed a Glow Group within Stirling Local Authority to maintain a network for Support for Learning teachers now working in schools. Originally working together in a base recent changes have seen Support for Learning teachers located to a school with the Head Teacher of the establishment having responsibility for recruiting new Support for Learning teachers. Gillian as Principal Teacher wanted to ensure continuity in what was happening  in schools and maintain what was good about the service they were providing. One of the ways Gillian and her team are trying to maintain the network is through a Glow Group which was created in consultation with all the Support for Learning staff  throughout the authority

The first page, the Noticeboard, lists who is working where and within which establishments and clusters as there had been a recruitment of twelve new members of staff in August so there was a need in order to keep in contact with one another and be familiar with which teachers were working in which establishments. News items are listed to keep staff updated on changes, for example retirals, and information is given that should be shared throughout the team. There is a list of useful web links given by teachers to share with one another. There is also a feature of a main resource that is being used, for example a reading scheme to support learners and this is updated regularly so that staff are familiar with the resources that are available at the base and within the authority.

Gillian and her colleagues have created a discussions page to provide an opportunity for staff to have professional discussions, this has been developed through CPD twilight sessions and used not only as a discussion forum but as a way of training staff in the components of Glow.

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The document page contains two folders, one of which has proforma which the Principal Teacher has created to ensure staff continue to use the appropriate paperwork within their establishments/cluster groups in order to provide continuity throughout the authority. Another folder contains resource information which lists resources and also catalogue information that staff can look at in order to propose the purchase of new resources. There is also policy information that would be relevant to the staff within their establishments.

Termly newsletters are displayed in the Newsletter page using Page Viewer and back copies are also available for staff as they contain some helpful information on resources, articles and good web sites for use in schools.

Previous to the changes within the network, CPD was provided centrally and all staff attended together. Within the Glow Group a Staff Development page has been set up with relevant CPD which is available on line, with links to useful websites and information on how, for example, how to follow someone on Twitter to keep up to date with Educational discussions. The change in the provision of CPD has provided the opportunity for leadership at all levels with staff taking responsibility for sourcing their own CPD through the resources provided.

As a result of the introduction of the twelve new members of staff with varying experience Gillian has created a page within the Glow group entitled , Mentoring Programme, this provides information on courses and relevant information for the new staff.


The Support for Learning Teachers requested more information on Dyslexia and a page has been allocated for this. This page feeds back information from the Dyslexia Working Party which is currently established within the authority through a section entitled Working Party Update. There are also useful web links which will provide further professional reading for staff on Dyslexia. Relevant documentation which has been produced by the Working Party is also available for staff to read and download, including a Dyslexia training pack from the LTScotland web site.

Staff asked for more specific information on the Additional Support Needs of learners within the authority and a page listing several needs has been created with relevant information provided.

Finally a page has been given to Early Years which is maintained by a member of staff who works with partnership nurseries within the authority. This teacher uploads information that staff may wish, for example documentation on support for learning materials that are being used in Early Years.

*Watch Gillian give a tour of her group and talk about how it supports the Supprt for Learning Staff within Stirling

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What did Gillian need to create her Glow Group

*A Glow Username and Password


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Watch Gillian discuss the impact of using Glow to maintain consistency within Stirling for Support for Learning

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